Friday, 9 October 2015


I am lucky enough to be part of this wonderful swap group.
My dear friend Cheryl from Cheryl's stitching is also in the group and today I found out she is a big fibber lol!!
Our swap partner each time is a secret but we did have a general discussion and she said how sad it was that she didn't have me this year and I told her it was sad I didn't have her.  Well it turns out we are two big fibbers because for this swap we had each other.  Now you know what a hopeless blogger I am I sent Cheryl's box and didn't take one photo but Cheryl is a good blogger and did a lovely post on well today I went to the post box and a parcel was waiting for me and when I saw the address I knew straight away who it was from.  Want a look?

Pretty wrapping with a lovely card.
Beautiful wool candle mat and Cheryl's work is just amazing.
How sweet is that..
Beautiful Christmas sticks that smell divine.  Now look at that Cheryl must have sent two half bags of licorice because I'm sure it's not possible for someone to eat all of that in a few hours. 
Thank you Cheryl you did brighten up this old girls day.


  1. Lol thats so funny,i was lucky enough to see the beautiful items that Cheryl made you,you are right Cheryls stitching is perfect,she has put a lovely parcel together for you.
    Hmm now funny about that licorice,maybe Mick got into the bags before Cheryl sent them,lol,enjoy your lovely new goodies my friend xx

    1. Ha ha we are both good at deceiving each other. Mind you never once did it occur to me we would have each other. Glad you liked your goodies my gorgeous friend

  2. Oh beautiful! Well done Cheryl...gorgeous frosties. All kinds of trickery going on lol!

  3. You are so right Cheryl does lovely work and she always puts a lot of thought into her swap parcels, lucky you to have her for this months swap.....MMmm licorice and I are firm friends I think I would have had the same temptation as the person who ate half of yours lol :) Barb.

  4. oooOOOO such trickery!
    Lovely...NO... GoRGeoUs gifts sent and received by the two of you!
    It was a fun swap wasn't it! xox

  5. Oh that's so funny, just makes the swap more fun. Cheryl's gifts are lovely.

  6. LOL ...sneaky,,,, you have been so very spoil fantastic gifts ❤️❤️❤️

  7. what a lovely parcel of goodies Keryn..... those organisers keep surprising us!

  8. These are delightful gifts from Cheryl. Love those gorgeous snowmen.