Friday, 23 October 2015


I had a wonderful time away with my family but after a week of fun I have a little bit to catch up on.
                       I love my garden but why is it all of one thing is ready at the same time?
                                                                    Onion anyone?
                                      The strawberries are getting ready to leap out of the ground..
It will be busy, busy this week.  Philip Island Patchwork Group have their annual quilt show over cup weekend, they do a terrific job so if you are down that way drop in for a look.  I will post details and the address later in the week.  They have a wonderful trading table for their members to put things on so I have been busy sewing.
For reasons I won't bore you with I am also having a huge cull in my sewing room..
If you are interested I am going to pop it on the blog first I will start to take the photos tomorrow so should have some up by tomorrow night.  You never know you might get yourself a bargain!!


  1. As soon as I get home tomorrow and pop by for a look... xox

  2. Omg... I was going to email you later tonight to see how your trip went.....
    Why are you have a clean out.
    Hope all is ok....
    So many fruit and veggies that look so good.
    Talk soon

  3. Hi Keryn ,oh boy i will be waiting for you to pop your fabric on the blog.
    Love home grown vegies,Johnny has just planted chard,leeks,beetroot,spring onions,carrots,parsnips and zucchini's,cant wait till we can start picking.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend my friend,hope its a beautiful day for Cheryl and family tomorrow xx

  4. It is always the way isnt it...everything in the garden ready at the same time!! But it is lovely to have those home grown veges to eat. Will be back to see what you are clearing out.

  5. We have more broccoli and cauliflower than I know what to do with.......don't think I'd go very well with subsistence. Great goodies for the trading table......and couldn't we all do with a bit of a cull?

  6. Home grown veggies....yum! Love the sweet little folk you have ready for the quilt show x

  7. Love home grown food. Love to see what you are clearing out. Not that i need more. :) Hugs,xx

  8. You sure are right about the garden. But it is worth it.
    And it looks like you have quite a line up for the trading table, too!

  9. Welcome home K .. Good to hear you had a fab time.... I am sure you will sell out ... ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hope you had a fun weekend and sold lots of your gorgeous creations.. Missed you while you were away, so hope you had the best time with the kids. Will be checking out the bargains - I need some new fabric lol