Sunday, 4 October 2015


After a lovely FNWF Saturday was back to the grind stone.
The men of the family had gone fencing so I was home alone.  I have been busy for the last month getting the veggie garden ready for planting.  Saturday was going to be pumpkin patch day.  So off I went and came home with this..
Which I added to this..
Twenty five bags in all..
So I dug up this..
Added the manure and covered it in straw to leave for a few week and then needed a lay down because I was EXHAUSTED!!
Well I have named him Dangles and he has already found a new home (yee har).  Then I was lucky enough to get a couple more orders for him so this arvo after I had my lay down I cut out a couple more..
Once you cut his material it just goes every where..
Especially up your nose...but he is super cute so worth it.
I am about to add some new things to the shop so if you are looking for a little Christmas something to add to your collection you might like to have a little look...maybe you need a Dangles at your place.


  1. Gee you have been busy .... I love him xxx

  2. Oh so cool. So one day we might get pumpkin soup at yours

  3. Oh i see why you are exhausted. I'm tired just thinking about it. :) Love the name, Dangles sure suits him. Hugs,

  4. Hard work in the garden, but will be worth it. And then you don't feel so guilty about sewing all afternoon!

  5. Hi my lovely friend i was so sure that i commented on this yesterday,gremlins,lol. Yes it will be so worth it when you start picking your homegrown produce,are your berry bushes still there Keryn? they were beautiful fresh sweet berries. Oh your Mr Dangles looks fantastic and i can see why everyone wants one,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  6. Gee no wonder you needed a lie down....Dangles is too cute and I am not surprised that he has left home x

    1. You never stop gorgeous. Dangles is super cute as are all your gorgeous creations

  7. Very impressed with the huge garden effort!
    And Dangles is delightful!