Saturday, 28 November 2015


I am a little behind with getting my Christmas presents in the mail so this week I knuckled down and wore out a path to the post office.  Some parcels went overseas (ouch!!) I still have a couple to go overseas so lucky I have been saving my pennies, my FHFS parcel was sent and today this guy...
Made his way to his new home.  He has a really, really long way to go so I hope he is happy in the box for the next week or so..
I popped a little note on the back of the box...
I still have a bit to get done so this week Santa's Little Helper will be busy..

Friday, 27 November 2015


Our scrappy little raspberry bush (which gave us 11 kilo of fruit last year) has started getting red fruit.  So my beautiful 2 year old grandson and I went out to pick some today.  It was a slow process because every time I got some in the bowl my little buddy would eat them lol..  So between him and the new dog who has taken a liking to fruit I was struggling to get the bowl full.  It took a while but we got there..
Time to get the big pot out..
Oh dear yep the Devil's food - Sugar.
Looking good..
Had a little mishap and one jar exploded all down the front of me..
Then we picked 4 bowls of potatoes, this was much easier neither the grandson or the dog wanted to eat them.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


We three Kings of Orient are...

Three little buddies off in the mail live overseas.
Isn't that pretty fabric? 
I am also putting my Friends Having Fun Stitching presents in the mail...keep your eyes out for the postie.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Through blogging I have made some wonderful friends and one of them is the amazing SHEZ.
She is an incredibly kind and generous person and her blog is always full of wonderful things.
When I saw Shez on Sunday she surprised me with this beautiful parcel..
All the family members were very excited..
Lot's of parcels beautifully wrapped..
This little bird is stunning the photo doesn't do it justice, Shez knows how much I love these little birds and I will put it with the one she gave me last year.
Two of her beautiful ornaments.  I wish you could smell them they are amazing, I saw these on Shez's blog when she was making them and I thought how spoilt someone would be to get one of these I never dreamed it would be me..
A pattern which I have put on the to do list...
This gorgeous wall hanging on the cutest star hanger...Shez's stitching is so tiny and neat..
A Christmas tea towel, too good to use..
A whole parcel of loveliness, she also included some licorice which was quickly eaten and one of her jars of cookies mix for my daughter who was very quick to come round and take it home, I think she was worried I might keep it.
Shez I can't thank you enough for your generous and thoughtful parcel and I will always be grateful to call you my friend.
Keryn xx 

Monday, 23 November 2015


I had the most wonderful weekend.  I taught a Nodder class on Saturday and I think I had more fun than the girls who came, thank you Karen, Kim, Leanne and Christine it was so wonderful to have you here and they all went home happy with their Nodder finished.
I then packed my bag and hubby and I headed up the highway to stay with my friend Cheryl from Cheryl's Stitching for the night and as a bonus the gorgeous Shez was their too.  On Sunday we headed off to Warracknabeal for a wonderful day of sewing with Debbie Busby from Wooden Spool Designs.  Debbie is very talented and generous with her time and knowledge and the project for the day was..

I know look at me I actually did some stitching.  I do have to thank Michelle for lending me her light without it I would have just day dreamed out the window all day.
My name got pulled out and I won..
Cute hey?
The day was hosted by the girls from QUILTER'S HARVEST in Warracknabeal and was one of the nicest sewing days I have been too.  The girls were delightful, the food was amazing and if your in the area pop into the shop it really is beautiful and they have lot's of wonderful things.
The beautiful Jo from ButterZ sent me a special parcel..
How cute are the little Santa's, they will find a special place amongst the decorations and the cloth is so beautiful and is very special and I will treasure it and think of Jo when I use it.  Thank you dear friend.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Well I joined Wendy and the girls for Friday Night Sewing, they let me in at the last minute because I had cake!
I am a little late to post because I have had a big weekend but I will tell you about that tomorrow.
So Friday night I made another Nodder..
His hat is made from beautiful French General fabric, sorry I took the photo at night so it's not so great.  He is a girl for a friend who lives and breaths French General.
A little close up of his hat..
Lot's to tell you tomorrow.

Friday, 20 November 2015


I signed up to join Wendy from Sugarlane-designs and the girls for FNSI.
I was late to sign up but I made cake..
Everyone likes cake right?
See you tomorrow to show you what I made.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


The day started badly...broke my glasses...blind as a bat without them.
It was my quilting group break up day and I was really looking forward to it.  I had spent a lot of time making a beautiful chocolate roulade sponge, it was looking really good but when I took it out of the tin to get it ready I unrolled it and the roulade split right down the middle grrrrr.  Now even with the MICA team and the paddles there was no fixing that.
So I decided to make little tea cup trifles...
Chocolate cake, cream, custard, a slug or two of alcohol, chocolate and fresh strawberries from my garden.
A dainty little tea cup..they were my mum's...
These ones were my Grandmothers..
Even in my blind state I could see they looked cute...I didn't get one but I believe they were yummy.
Don't you love it when all your hard work in the garden brings wonderful results..

Friday, 13 November 2015


I'm starting to worry that my hubby doesn't think I work hard enough.
I have a little gator (Wally) who helps me with the outside work but tonight it was missing and when I went looking it had been given an upgrade..
Hubby said so I could carry more...
I'm excited because next time Cheryl and Shez come to stay one of them won't be left behind I can stick one of them in the basket!!
Just in case you didn't see yesterdays post I am having another Nodder class so if you are interested in making one of these and taking it home finished on the day..

Then send me an email you will be made to feel really welcome.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Due to popular demand I will be holding a Santa Nodder Class.
DATE - 21st November
TIME - 9AM Till 12.30
INCLUDES - Morning Tea, Class and full kit to make one Santa Nodder.
Cost - $55.00


So if you would like to make one of these little fellows and take him home on the day email me
Would love to have you come and join

Sunday, 8 November 2015


I joined Cheryll and the girls for FNWF but all I managed to get done was a few more of these..
A few more yo-yo's for my quilt.  I really couldn't concentrate because I was a little excited because my buddies were coming to stay..yep Cheryl and Shez and gorgeous Mick.
Here they are having breakfast and they look pretty happy right...
When they left it was time to get down to work. 
Those white clippers were the one I cut my finger on the other day so I was a bit nervous about using them again so soon.  Plus normally that injecting the sheep doesn't go so well but today only one needed a shot so how hard could that be..
We rounded them up..
Look how much those babies have grown...
You will be pleased to know it all went smoothly with no injuries to animals or people.
With our visitors gone it sure is quite here tonight..
Hope your weekend was wonderful.

Friday, 6 November 2015


To the weekend. 
Cheryl, Shez and Mick are coming to stay.
Flowers have been picked..
Baking has been done....
There were 6 Afghan biscuits on the tray but that big two legged rat must have been in the house again when I wasn't looking.  Luckily I had already hidden the rest of the biscuits and the Hummingbird Cake and the Banana and Blueberry bread.
My finger is looking much better and I am going to try and go an entire week without getting an injury!!
Looking forward to seeing my buddies tomorrow.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


No not that kind of working girl!!
With all the sewing I had been doing the garden and house were seriously neglected.  So now my craft stall was over it was time to play catch up over the long weekend.
I started with this..
After a few hours and lot's of work I had this..a new pumpkin patch..
I then planted out 3 veggie boxes and by the end of the weekend I was a little plumb tuckered.
Yesterday I turned to the inside of the house was going really well until I had to cut something.  Now the thing was really solid and yes I know I should have gone and got pliers or the appropriate tool but I was in a hurry so I opened the closet drawer and saw the large cutters we use to trim the nails of our sheep.  So I grabbed them...I did have a moment when I thought it might not be a good idea but that passed quickly and I kept going...the thing I tried to cut was really hard and wouldn't give so with full force I pushed down...... straight through to my finger...
House work got put on hold...I had to have a panadol and a little lay down.  As I was laying there I did wonder when I had my last tetanus shot (not sure the sheep toe trimmer was as hygienic as it could have been) but the thought of trying to get into the doctor was way too hard,  so fingers crossed I'll be right and not start foaming at the mouth on the weekend.
Wish me luck.

Sunday, 1 November 2015


If you are down Phillip Island was this long weekend Phillip Island Patchwork Group are having their annual quilt show.
          23 Cleeland Street
They are a wonderful group who donate a lot of money back into their local community so they would really love your support....and they do a really yummy Devonshire Tea!!
Have a safe long weekend