Wednesday, 18 November 2015


The day started badly...broke my glasses...blind as a bat without them.
It was my quilting group break up day and I was really looking forward to it.  I had spent a lot of time making a beautiful chocolate roulade sponge, it was looking really good but when I took it out of the tin to get it ready I unrolled it and the roulade split right down the middle grrrrr.  Now even with the MICA team and the paddles there was no fixing that.
So I decided to make little tea cup trifles...
Chocolate cake, cream, custard, a slug or two of alcohol, chocolate and fresh strawberries from my garden.
A dainty little tea cup..they were my mum's...
These ones were my Grandmothers..
Even in my blind state I could see they looked cute...I didn't get one but I believe they were yummy.
Don't you love it when all your hard work in the garden brings wonderful results..


  1. Lucky we are not there - Mick would have devoured those trifles and those strawberries look amazing. Glad they worked out so beautifully. Now what are you going to do without glasses

  2. They look so yummy. I might need your advice. I will be making trifles for the first time in 2 weeks. I might need to phone you.
    Who needs glasses. They look fine. I'm sure they tasted great too

  3. Oh dear....we aren't any good without our glasses. Oh my your cups are very pretty especially filled with those goodies.

  4. I hope your glasses are fixed soon.....too much Christmas sewing to be done! the teacup trifles look scrumptious, a really lovely idea.

  5. Hi keryn,wow they look fantastic and nah Mick wouldnt touched them they have fruit in them,lol.
    Oh dear i do hope they can fix your glasses or you might be in trouble for your class on saturday,take care my friend and stay away from pointy things,lol.xx

  6. Hope your glasses get fixed soon you have a spare pair? Bats have to sleep in the day and I am sure you would rather be doing things!!! The trifles in the cups look amazing....great nice to have those strawberries from the garden.

  7. those mini trifles look wonderful and what a lovely way to use pretty cups... hope you can get your glasses fixed up... I need mine all the time now...

  8. Those mini trifles look yummy in the cups.....
    Like you Keryn ,I am blind without my specs sew I keep my old ones and have a pair in the car and house.. Not the best but I can see...

  9. I know what you mean about your glasses...I'm as blind as a bat too. I can testify how gorgeous you trifles taste...lucky friends

  10. I know what you mean about your glasses...I'm as blind as a bat too. I can testify how gorgeous you trifles taste...lucky friends

  11. Oh K I do know what you are talking about with the glasses .... Those trifles look so good ... My dear Nan had cups like those ....😍❤️

  12. I am so sorry you broke your specs. I adore your teacup trifle idea xx