Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Through blogging I have made some wonderful friends and one of them is the amazing SHEZ.
She is an incredibly kind and generous person and her blog is always full of wonderful things.
When I saw Shez on Sunday she surprised me with this beautiful parcel..
All the family members were very excited..
Lot's of parcels beautifully wrapped..
This little bird is stunning the photo doesn't do it justice, Shez knows how much I love these little birds and I will put it with the one she gave me last year.
Two of her beautiful ornaments.  I wish you could smell them they are amazing, I saw these on Shez's blog when she was making them and I thought how spoilt someone would be to get one of these I never dreamed it would be me..
A pattern which I have put on the to do list...
This gorgeous wall hanging on the cutest star hanger...Shez's stitching is so tiny and neat..
A Christmas tea towel, too good to use..
A whole parcel of loveliness, she also included some licorice which was quickly eaten and one of her jars of cookies mix for my daughter who was very quick to come round and take it home, I think she was worried I might keep it.
Shez I can't thank you enough for your generous and thoughtful parcel and I will always be grateful to call you my friend.
Keryn xx 


  1. Well who's a spoilt girl then. Shez is so very generous and the gifts she made/picked for you are just gorgeous and I know you will enjoy them. Couldn't see the licorice in the picture though lol

  2. Hi my lovely friend ,shucks Thankyou for your lovely words,I am the one who is blessed to have you as a friend,I am so lucky to have you and Cheryl as buddies and I enjoy our times together so much.
    Lol it's a wonder Dusty didn't jump up on top of those parcels and help you to unwrap them,lol.
    I am so glad that you like your gifts,I bought the little bird at the Maldon Xmas shop when I was last there,enjoy your goodies my friend xx

  3. Shez really is a lovely person, so generous with her beautiful gifts.

  4. You definitely were spoilt.. Shez is a dear....

  5. How beautiful to be spoilt and so well deserved. Enjoy xxx

  6. These are all very lovely gifts.

  7. Fabulous gifts from Shez. Hugs,xx

  8. lovely parcels for you.... blogging has been wonderful and blogger buddies are the best!