Friday, 27 November 2015


Our scrappy little raspberry bush (which gave us 11 kilo of fruit last year) has started getting red fruit.  So my beautiful 2 year old grandson and I went out to pick some today.  It was a slow process because every time I got some in the bowl my little buddy would eat them lol..  So between him and the new dog who has taken a liking to fruit I was struggling to get the bowl full.  It took a while but we got there..
Time to get the big pot out..
Oh dear yep the Devil's food - Sugar.
Looking good..
Had a little mishap and one jar exploded all down the front of me..
Then we picked 4 bowls of potatoes, this was much easier neither the grandson or the dog wanted to eat them.


  1. How lucky to have such good helpers Keryn!!! I hope you didn't get burnt when the jar exploded.

  2. Oh yumm. Homemade jam. Hope you didn't get burnt. Hugs,xx

  3. Lol I have the same problem when I collect mulberries.. Lacy loves them. But just checked to see if they are toxic for dogs as I only found out that grapes ARE. Berries without stones are fine.....

  4. Yum!! How great to get berries from the garden...the jam looks injuries from the exploding jar I hope??? We used to pick blackberries and had the rule one for the bucket one for the mouth!! Great looking spuds too.

  5. Oh that jam sounds so good. I'm sure you would have jumped when it exploded.
    That custard you said to buy, is it the pre made carton. Getting it this week ... Fingers crossed

  6. I am sure that the raspberry helper made the jam raspberry Jam...oh and fresh spuds x

    1. Oh my favourite - raspberry jam. It's sounding very like you were lucky to get enough to make some jam though lol

  7. raspberry jam is my favourite of jams.....
    I see it is for others too... clever you making it and at least you didn't throw it all over the floor and yourself!!!


  8. The jam looks wonderful. I am just imagining it on scones with cream. Yumm!!
    Hope you didn't get burnt with the jam spilling.
    And the spuds look very healthy! Great rewards already for all that work.
    Glad you had some helpers.

  9. I love your garden produce-- and had a chuckle about the grandson and dog eating the fruit. In our garden, the dog is the culprit and she gets to the fruit just before it is time for us to pick the fruit.
    I love your Christmas craft-- you have been very productive.