Wednesday, 6 April 2016


It has been so dry for so long but last night I woke to the sound of rain on the tin roof, one of the best sounds in the world.  It continued on and off during the day..
The stern talking I gave myself yesterday got me moving, I told you yesterday I stitched a little well look he is starting to take shape..
Then I got these ready..
And packed all of this into my beautiful bag that my dear friend Peg made for me..
Tomorrow Hubby and I are headed back to the city for a few days so my sewing is coming to keep me company.  Last time things didn't go so well.  We don't do well with the traffic, the trams and why is there never anywhere to park up there.  Hubby was 4 minutes yep 4 minutes late to move our car and came out just as the tow truck was hooking up our car to tow it out of a clear way.  Words were exchanged and he did unhook the car but gave hubby a $150.00 fine just because he could.  The place we have to stay has underground parking $60.00 for 4 hours which really is just criminal.  So fingers crossed this time things go smoothly.


Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Sunday is date day for hubby and I and it normally means a sausage at Bunnings, we buy three one for him and I and one for his nut bag dog that is normally in the back of the twin cab ute.
But if hubby is really trying to impress me or thinks I need a little pick me up he takes me to buy my favourite..
Frozen yoghurt I did put some fruit in it to make sure I covered all food groups.
Then yesterday was such a special day, this came in the mail..
The most beautiful gift from someone very dear.  The only down side was it caused an enormous amount of Ugly Crying.  You know the crying you do when your heart is filled with joy and it overflows and then you make that awful face and do that sobbing thing..Ugly Crying.
Thank you dear friend.
I also sat myself down and had a chat and reminded myself that I needed to get back to being creative.  So I drew a little something..
And cut a little something..
I even sewed a little something. 
It has been a wonderful couple of days.

Saturday, 2 April 2016


The other day I opened the mail box and pulled out a parcel and got a giggle out of what was written on the front...

Imagine what the postie thought! 
The parcel was from my beautiful friend Cheryl from Cheryls Stitching...
My heart skipped a little beat because after squeezing the bag a little I knew what was inside..
Bags of my all time favourite treat in the whole world!!!! (Now where can I hide these so no one else will find them, I know the washing machine no one ever looks in there).
There was also a beautiful card and magnet.
This gorgeous parcel just warmed my heart and made my day. 
This kind act made me think about how important it is to reach out to people, they may be unwell, having a tough time in their life, just sad or for no reason at all and a simple gesture of kindness may be a blessing that cannot even be put into words.
It may take the form of a parcel, an email with bunnies jumping across the page, pink Frangipani's or an unexpected text message, a simple note or card.
I think in life that is what you hold dear and remember the most...simple acts of kindness.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Since I have been away there have been a couple of changes..
It has been a long hot dry summer and we don't have a blade of grass so we have been buying feed for cows and we were paying $60 a large round bale and then the price jumped to $100 so the decision was made that Moo and 74 and their babies would need to go and live some where new.  I'm glad I wasn't home when this happened because Miss cranky pants Moo who was never to happy living here apparently was even less happy about being sent to a new home.  While I miss seeing her out in the paddock I won't miss her chasing me or bailing me up in the back paddock and not letting me out.
We also sent some sheep to the butcher so now the freezers are choc o block and I won't need to go meat shopping for a while.  I cannot even imagine how real farmers must feel when they are surrounded by barren ground and wonder how they will manage to feed their animals.
Don't you love when a friend sends you are parcel just because?
Today I got these in the mail from my gorgeous friend Gayle..
How cute are these slippers and they have my little sheep on them.  Even though it was 38 today I work them as long as I could before my feet got really hot.
Lucky Me..

Sunday, 6 March 2016


What a crazy year so far.
I love where I live, love looking out and seeing my sheep, the trees, the vegetable garden, I only have to look out a window and it makes me smile.
But this year I seem to have been away more than I have been home.
I started this year by taking my dream trip which took me away from home for nearly a month.  Just got home and then hubby and I had to leave to take care of some business which I was hoping would take a few day...took way longer lol!!
Sadly this was the view from where we stayed..
Not a sheep in sight!!
So after 10 days when hubby said to me "home tomorrow" I had that bag packed before he had finished his sentence.
Was so good to get home and the grandkids came over to help Pa on a pumpkin hunt..
Two little kids laughing and having fun....what a wonderful way to end a great day.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


While I was away the garden was busy producing lot's of goodies.  I came home to..
Lot's of this..
Delicious corn, had that much we filled the bottom drawer of the freezer.
And bucket loads of..
Tomatoes and cucumbers - I just love this time of year when all your hard work comes to life.
Tomorrow I am going away for a couple of days (yes I know I just got back) nowhere exotic and no palm trees but maybe with a bit of luck one of those fluffy drinks with an umbrella and a cherry!!

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Seems like yesterday I was getting on a plane and winging my way off on an adventure.  Here is a little of what I did..

Headed to LA and went to this stunning old theatre to see a musical Bullets Over Broadway - was fabulous..

Road tripped across the USA and landed in the South. Stayed at a stunning B & B in Fredricksberg Texas..above a beautiful shop called TIMELESS MENAGERIE. 
On Sunday morning we did what the locals do and headed off to Gospel Church..
Held outside with people signing songs of praise, clapping and dancing.  Southern BBQ just waiting to feed really was a great way to spend a Sunday.
Then off to somewhere exotic...where I may have had one or two of these....
And the view from my room...was stunning.



And then off to see some local sights...
Look at this stunner, the colours were amazing...
Even hiked down to the waterfall and back up again (needed one of those fluffy drinks about half way back up)...
The time seemed to just fly by.  Nice to go away but always great to get home..


Friday, 22 January 2016


This is me..
And today I did this..
And tomorrow I'm going on this..
Okay I'm kinda hoping that it will be a little bigger than that but you get the general idea.
After a very long wait it has finally arrived.  Hubby, the children, grand children, angry cow and calf, 74 + 1, thirteen sheep and one due any day, chickens, nut bag dog well they all get to stay at home.
If your looking for me in the next three weeks I will be the one under an umbrella with one of those frozen drinks with a paper umbrella and a cherry (as you can see there is a little room in my case if anyone wants to stow away).

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Along with Moo we have Seventy Four she is quite a nice cow and was due about the same time as Moo.  She was acting a bit odd yesterday, maybe she got scared when she saw the smoke off in the distance.  So off to bed 74 went and this morning she woke up 74 + 1..
A deer little thing barely able to stand up.  I think it's a girl and hubby thinks it's a looks like tomorrow will be another traumatic night rounding them up and having a look.
If nothing else it will make for a great story!

Monday, 18 January 2016


Gives you a fright when you are standing at the kitchen sink doing the vegies for dinner and you look up and see this..
That looks a little too close for comfort. 
Ring hubby (he works just down the road if I can see the smoke he can see the smoke) he says not to worry a little further away than it looks.  Thank heavens I was just wondering how I was going to get 13 sheep, 2 cows (1 very angry) 1 calf, 1 Border Collie nut bag puppy, 7 chickens and myself in the back of my little hatch back car.
Nothing good about seeing smoke.

Thursday, 14 January 2016


I am no farmer. 
What I know about cows I could write on the palm of one hand.
So while waiting for Little Moo to come I have been on high alert and felt much better when it was over.
Then I got an email from my farm advisor (a very dear person who let's me call on her knowledge in times of crisis), had I checked to see if it was a girl or boy.  Well hubby and I both looked yep it was a little boy.  Told my advisor who then said have you marked it yet.  I didn't want to look too stupid so I pondered over what that was.  Maybe I needed to get him a tag with my phone number on it like for the dog, maybe you have to put your name on it's bottom with a sharpie pen, mark what in heavens name could that mean.  So in the end had to fess up I didn't know (I knew she would be laughing about now) put the rings on his you know what bits....ohhhh that's what it's called.
So the boys were suppose to do it the next morning (I was going out perfect timing) I got home that night and still not done.  So out we go hubby, son, me, angry Moo and baby.  So we encourage, coach, beg, plead and just about get Moo and baby into the cattle yard and the baby panics and jumps onto the gator nearly landing on my lap, he panics, Moo charges and I needed a Tena lady.  We eventually get them in the yard separate them (Moo's not happy) so the boys are trying to get the calf on his side, you know for a little fellow he is very strong and legs and arms are going everywhere (those guys in the rodeos make it look way easier than it is).  Finally get him on his side get the rings on the machine lift his leg and everyone stops.  What's going on I shreak like a crazy woman....hubby say it's a girl!  Are you sure I scream....I checked.....look again!
Yep it's a girl.
The only highlight for me was that I knew when my farm advisor heard...she would need a Tena Lady!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Moo came to us, she was suppose to be a tame house cow and we would really love her, yeah right!
What we got was an angry, hip throwing, leg kicking, mouth drooling, head swaying, charging at you, stalking, bailing you up in the paddock, angry lump of beef. 
Don't get me wrong I love animals, I really do and I have done everything to try and win her over but have settled on the fact we have a love hate relationship, I love her and she hates me.
We have been eagerly waiting her calf which was due around Christmas.  My BIL came to visit and had a look at her he told us she was only a small frame and looked too big and he said we needed to get organised because we may have to pull the calf!!!!
So about then the for sale sign nearly went up on the cow and the house and I was moving to a one bedroom flat in the city on my own.
Found my back bone and hubby and I put a plan in action first minute I saw anything sticking out the backend I would call him and son and I would get in the car and go and buy frozen yoghurt.  I also spoke with my farm go to girl  (yes you know who you are) and I did feel a little hard could it be right?
Then one morning I got up and..
No calf pulling, no tears, just another little gift..
Moo and baby and all is good.
And to reward myself for a job well done..
It was really yummy in case you were wondering.
Have a great day..

Monday, 11 January 2016


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2016 is kind to everyone.
For the last two years I have been in a blogging swap FRIENDS HAVING FUN STITCHING organised by the amazing Peg and Shez.  Pop over to the blog and see what wonderful presents everyone received.
My partner in the Christmas swap was the beautiful Peg and I was spoilt rotten.
I want to show you the present I had under the tree to open Christmas morning.  I named it the big girl...
A huge gift beautifully wrapped and poked and shaken every now and then when I walked passed it.
What was inside took my breath away..
Oh you want a closer look..
How did she know I just love chenille and the fabric is so pretty and beautifully quilted.
It has already found a home..
Darling Peg I know what a busy and full year you had and to find time and put the thought into making this for me means more than words could ever say.  How lucky I am to have you come into my life, you are a blessing beyond words and I will treasure this gift forever.