Thursday, 14 January 2016


I am no farmer. 
What I know about cows I could write on the palm of one hand.
So while waiting for Little Moo to come I have been on high alert and felt much better when it was over.
Then I got an email from my farm advisor (a very dear person who let's me call on her knowledge in times of crisis), had I checked to see if it was a girl or boy.  Well hubby and I both looked yep it was a little boy.  Told my advisor who then said have you marked it yet.  I didn't want to look too stupid so I pondered over what that was.  Maybe I needed to get him a tag with my phone number on it like for the dog, maybe you have to put your name on it's bottom with a sharpie pen, mark what in heavens name could that mean.  So in the end had to fess up I didn't know (I knew she would be laughing about now) put the rings on his you know what bits....ohhhh that's what it's called.
So the boys were suppose to do it the next morning (I was going out perfect timing) I got home that night and still not done.  So out we go hubby, son, me, angry Moo and baby.  So we encourage, coach, beg, plead and just about get Moo and baby into the cattle yard and the baby panics and jumps onto the gator nearly landing on my lap, he panics, Moo charges and I needed a Tena lady.  We eventually get them in the yard separate them (Moo's not happy) so the boys are trying to get the calf on his side, you know for a little fellow he is very strong and legs and arms are going everywhere (those guys in the rodeos make it look way easier than it is).  Finally get him on his side get the rings on the machine lift his leg and everyone stops.  What's going on I shreak like a crazy woman....hubby say it's a girl!  Are you sure I scream....I checked.....look again!
Yep it's a girl.
The only highlight for me was that I knew when my farm advisor heard...she would need a Tena Lady!!!!!!!!!


  1. lol,lol,thats hysterical ,i am still laughing xx

    1. I can visualise all that lol. Funniest story I've heard for ages

  2. Hahaha! That's so funny! Definitely a tail (sorrry) for the family album!

  3. Oh Keryn!!!! What a great post, having a good goggle over here...I probably now even less than you when it comes to cattle!!!! Hope Moo and baby are settled back down again and you are calm once more!!

  4. You poor poor thing, that sounds like something I would do. In a few weeks time it will be funny for you. Im having a very quiet giggle, not at you but at the whole scenario. Thanks for being brave and sharing. Guida

  5. So funny. We'll all be needing Tena Lady soon. lol Hugs,xx

  6. Such a funny story and I'm sure that would be me if a were a farmer too.

  7. Oh my goodness... I just love your stories.... now I'm off to sort out the Teena Lady!!! brilliant... what a lovely start to my day thank you...x

  8. Oh Keryn. You make me laugh. I would have loved to have seen it live... So funny

  9. I love the way you tell a story... I can picture it as I read.

  10. Still cracking up........ Definitely a tena moment......