Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Moo came to us, she was suppose to be a tame house cow and we would really love her, yeah right!
What we got was an angry, hip throwing, leg kicking, mouth drooling, head swaying, charging at you, stalking, bailing you up in the paddock, angry lump of beef. 
Don't get me wrong I love animals, I really do and I have done everything to try and win her over but have settled on the fact we have a love hate relationship, I love her and she hates me.
We have been eagerly waiting her calf which was due around Christmas.  My BIL came to visit and had a look at her he told us she was only a small frame and looked too big and he said we needed to get organised because we may have to pull the calf!!!!
So about then the for sale sign nearly went up on the cow and the house and I was moving to a one bedroom flat in the city on my own.
Found my back bone and hubby and I put a plan in action first minute I saw anything sticking out the backend I would call him and son and I would get in the car and go and buy frozen yoghurt.  I also spoke with my farm go to girl  (yes you know who you are) and I did feel a little hard could it be right?
Then one morning I got up and..
No calf pulling, no tears, just another little gift..
Moo and baby and all is good.
And to reward myself for a job well done..
It was really yummy in case you were wondering.
Have a great day..


  1. your farm stories crack me moo is so cute...........

  2. Oh well done..... to you on a successful midwifery project and to Moo for delivering such a little cutie

  3. I'm with Chooky. The stories crack me up. Glad all went well with Moo & her calf. I hope the relationship improves for you both. Hugs,xx

  4. Love that mini moo lol! My she is soooo cute! See she does like you. She didn't want you to go to all that trouble lol!

  5. yes i am with the others too,you sure have a way with story telling,i think you should be writing books,my clever friend,little mini moo is so very cute,now maybe the mum will settle down,lol,fingers crossed xx

  6. Replies
    1. You crack me up you do. She is just adorable

  7. I guess now others will be calling you in stressful times... lol
    You always make me smile...xox

  8. Congrats on the arrival of Little Moo. Pleased you didn't have to do any pulling. LOL

  9. Little Moo is so cute!!! So wonderful no pulling etc was required!! Very nice reward for all your worry and anticipation!!! Lol!!

  10. Yay!! I am so pleased there was no pulling involved and that the calf is well.