Monday, 18 January 2016


Gives you a fright when you are standing at the kitchen sink doing the vegies for dinner and you look up and see this..
That looks a little too close for comfort. 
Ring hubby (he works just down the road if I can see the smoke he can see the smoke) he says not to worry a little further away than it looks.  Thank heavens I was just wondering how I was going to get 13 sheep, 2 cows (1 very angry) 1 calf, 1 Border Collie nut bag puppy, 7 chickens and myself in the back of my little hatch back car.
Nothing good about seeing smoke.


  1. Oh no.... Hope it doesn't come your way. We just saw it on the news... What's going on with all these fires... Keep a watch out....

  2. you have to worry about yourself and thats all............stay safe.........

    1. Hope it doesn't get any closer darl. Not sure the menagerie will fit in your little car. Stay safe xx

  3. lol you would have to tow the gator,at least we know that dusty will sit in it.
    i shouldnt laugh as i know how scary it can be especially if you can smell the smoke.fingers crossed it comes nowhere near you my friend xx

  4. Yes, we have been watching this one carefully, too. We have family in Crib Point and were keeping our fingers crossed. So pleased there wasn't a strong wind. Am I right in thinking there is a fire bug in your area?
    PS. I can easily see them all squeezing into the car - well maybe one or two on the roof rack!

  5. That is a frightening view to have out the window. Hope it keeps well away from you and the animals .....don't think angry Moo would like the hatchback somehow!!

  6. I don't like fires.... hope it stays well away...

  7. That was definitely not good seeing smoke... Pleased you had a plan....

  8. Hope you remain out of harms way Keryn....scary stuff xx