Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Since I have been away there have been a couple of changes..
It has been a long hot dry summer and we don't have a blade of grass so we have been buying feed for cows and we were paying $60 a large round bale and then the price jumped to $100 so the decision was made that Moo and 74 and their babies would need to go and live some where new.  I'm glad I wasn't home when this happened because Miss cranky pants Moo who was never to happy living here apparently was even less happy about being sent to a new home.  While I miss seeing her out in the paddock I won't miss her chasing me or bailing me up in the back paddock and not letting me out.
We also sent some sheep to the butcher so now the freezers are choc o block and I won't need to go meat shopping for a while.  I cannot even imagine how real farmers must feel when they are surrounded by barren ground and wonder how they will manage to feed their animals.
Don't you love when a friend sends you are parcel just because?
Today I got these in the mail from my gorgeous friend Gayle..
How cute are these slippers and they have my little sheep on them.  Even though it was 38 today I work them as long as I could before my feet got really hot.
Lucky Me..

Sunday, 6 March 2016


What a crazy year so far.
I love where I live, love looking out and seeing my sheep, the trees, the vegetable garden, I only have to look out a window and it makes me smile.
But this year I seem to have been away more than I have been home.
I started this year by taking my dream trip which took me away from home for nearly a month.  Just got home and then hubby and I had to leave to take care of some business which I was hoping would take a few day...took way longer lol!!
Sadly this was the view from where we stayed..
Not a sheep in sight!!
So after 10 days when hubby said to me "home tomorrow" I had that bag packed before he had finished his sentence.
Was so good to get home and the grandkids came over to help Pa on a pumpkin hunt..
Two little kids laughing and having fun....what a wonderful way to end a great day.