Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Sunday is date day for hubby and I and it normally means a sausage at Bunnings, we buy three one for him and I and one for his nut bag dog that is normally in the back of the twin cab ute.
But if hubby is really trying to impress me or thinks I need a little pick me up he takes me to buy my favourite..
Frozen yoghurt I did put some fruit in it to make sure I covered all food groups.
Then yesterday was such a special day, this came in the mail..
The most beautiful gift from someone very dear.  The only down side was it caused an enormous amount of Ugly Crying.  You know the crying you do when your heart is filled with joy and it overflows and then you make that awful face and do that sobbing thing..Ugly Crying.
Thank you dear friend.
I also sat myself down and had a chat and reminded myself that I needed to get back to being creative.  So I drew a little something..
And cut a little something..
I even sewed a little something. 
It has been a wonderful couple of days.


  1. That parcel looks very inviting and so does the yogurt. Cute little reindeer too.

  2. That yoghurt looks delish! Oh that parcel looks very interesting and how wonderful to get a lovely surprise. LOVE your drawing....sooooo cute!

  3. Yummo....sausage at Bunnings sharing with pooch did sound romantic though ... Love the look of the drawing.... Hugs coming 💖💖💖

  4. you so deserve to be spoilt

  5. Sooo glad you're being spoilt! :) Barb.

  6. Nothing like a sausage at Bunnings. Love the drawing so cute. Hugs,xx

  7. Love your drawing, looking forward to seeing what you are creating. Nice yoghurt treat.

  8. I hope Nut Bag Dog isn't his real name! LOL! What a lovely surprise package. Enjoy your present, Keryn. xx

  9. That is a very pleasant way to spend time together.
    Okay, it may have been ugly crying but it lead to some creativity - and that is wonderful and worth a happy cry!

  10. glad to see you gave yourself a good talking too and got crafting........come on more progress please.........

  11. I always have to have a sausage at Bunnings - surprises shouldn't make you cry but it looks like you have recovered and good to be sewing again! x

  12. Hope your pick me up worked.
    Love your creative work.
    We'll be home soon