Wednesday, 6 April 2016


It has been so dry for so long but last night I woke to the sound of rain on the tin roof, one of the best sounds in the world.  It continued on and off during the day..
The stern talking I gave myself yesterday got me moving, I told you yesterday I stitched a little well look he is starting to take shape..
Then I got these ready..
And packed all of this into my beautiful bag that my dear friend Peg made for me..
Tomorrow Hubby and I are headed back to the city for a few days so my sewing is coming to keep me company.  Last time things didn't go so well.  We don't do well with the traffic, the trams and why is there never anywhere to park up there.  Hubby was 4 minutes yep 4 minutes late to move our car and came out just as the tow truck was hooking up our car to tow it out of a clear way.  Words were exchanged and he did unhook the car but gave hubby a $150.00 fine just because he could.  The place we have to stay has underground parking $60.00 for 4 hours which really is just criminal.  So fingers crossed this time things go smoothly.


Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Sunday is date day for hubby and I and it normally means a sausage at Bunnings, we buy three one for him and I and one for his nut bag dog that is normally in the back of the twin cab ute.
But if hubby is really trying to impress me or thinks I need a little pick me up he takes me to buy my favourite..
Frozen yoghurt I did put some fruit in it to make sure I covered all food groups.
Then yesterday was such a special day, this came in the mail..
The most beautiful gift from someone very dear.  The only down side was it caused an enormous amount of Ugly Crying.  You know the crying you do when your heart is filled with joy and it overflows and then you make that awful face and do that sobbing thing..Ugly Crying.
Thank you dear friend.
I also sat myself down and had a chat and reminded myself that I needed to get back to being creative.  So I drew a little something..
And cut a little something..
I even sewed a little something. 
It has been a wonderful couple of days.

Saturday, 2 April 2016


The other day I opened the mail box and pulled out a parcel and got a giggle out of what was written on the front...

Imagine what the postie thought! 
The parcel was from my beautiful friend Cheryl from Cheryls Stitching...
My heart skipped a little beat because after squeezing the bag a little I knew what was inside..
Bags of my all time favourite treat in the whole world!!!! (Now where can I hide these so no one else will find them, I know the washing machine no one ever looks in there).
There was also a beautiful card and magnet.
This gorgeous parcel just warmed my heart and made my day. 
This kind act made me think about how important it is to reach out to people, they may be unwell, having a tough time in their life, just sad or for no reason at all and a simple gesture of kindness may be a blessing that cannot even be put into words.
It may take the form of a parcel, an email with bunnies jumping across the page, pink Frangipani's or an unexpected text message, a simple note or card.
I think in life that is what you hold dear and remember the most...simple acts of kindness.